ARLAND: Compliance is king

Operating a gaming business comes with several challenges and legal requirements. ARLAND supports its customers and partners in fulfilling extensive compliance regulations.

Operators who offer sports betting and gaming are responsible for their players. That’s why issues like player protection, addiction prevention and reliable handling of payments are especially significant. The fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and betting fraud also adds to creating a secure foundation for providing players with an entertaining experience.

To ensure a uniform approach, various countries issue an abundance of compliance regulations. This mandatory code of conduct must be followed continuously, if a company wants to get a license in the respective country.

Compliance rules are not meant as a harassment by the issuing authority. Instead, the legislative authority creates a clear and unambiguous basis for the operator’s daily business. So, these regulations protect the company as well as the player.

For ALRAND – as a technology partner and platform developer – compliance specifications pose a special challenge. Since different jurisdictions have different demands, a gaming platform must provide for all contingencies.

This not only shows through a multitude of compliance options within the software, but also regular audits by the respective authorities. Next to these compliance checks, a complete chance management protocol must be maintained, which contains all changes within the software.

ARLAND works closely with national government agencies and certifying bodies like Gaming Labs International (GLI), so gaming operators can rest assured, that their platform meets all legal requirements.

In some cases, ARLAND supports authorities in formulating and adapting their compliance rules, so that the requirements align realistically with the daily business of the platform operator.

Through this close collaboration, ARLAND gained an excellent reputation over the years and is known as a guarantor for compliance security. A win-win situation for authorities, operators and players alike.

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