Arland got its eyes on the USA

The US-Supreme Court allows sports betting in the USA. And Arland is ready…

At the beginning of last week, the Supreme Court as the highest court of law lifted the ban on sports betting in the USA. From now on, the federal states can pass their own laws for the regulation and legalization of sports betting.

Arland is ready to meet the requirements of the American market with its Bookmaker platform! This includes first and foremost three key factors:

American odds
Sports betting looks different in the US. This becomes especially apparent when displaying odds.

While in Europe a decimal odd is multiplied with the stake, in the USA odds like “+300” or “-175” are commonplace. If the prefix is positive, the value states the net gain with a stake of 100 dollars. “+300” means, that the player gets a payout of 300 dollars with a stake of 100 dollars.

If the prefix of the odd is negative, the value shows how high the stake must be to win 100 Dollars. “-175” means that one needs to place 175 dollars to win 100 dollars.

Bet slip
Not only the odds look differently in the USA, but also the bet slip. Here one can find special bet types like “Round Robin”, “Reverse Bet” or “Parlay”. It’s necessary to correspond to the customs of the American sports betting audience, if you want to be successful in the USA.

Betting offer with American Sports
What would America be without Baseball, Football and Basketball? American Sports are essential to stand a chance in in the US market. This includes not only the big leagues like the NFL, NBA and others, but also College Football for example.

Arland cooperates with the leading data providers and is Gold-certified partner of Betradar to fulfill all the wishes of the American sports fans.

To realize this on a technical level, you require a flexible platform based on cutting-edge technology as well as a dedicated, experienced Team.

Arland Gaming Solutions offers that – and much more! This makes us the perfect technological partner for the American sports betting market!

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