Arland invests ICE-London budget in the fight against Coronavirus

In the light of the increasing numbers of coronavirus infections, which have caused the WHO to declare a global emergency, Arland is not visiting ICE London this year and is instead supporting the fight against 2019-nCov.

With the announcement of the global emergency by the WHO (PHEIC), to curb the spread of the coronavirus across borders, after all provinces of China are now suffering from infections and Europe has already recorded multiple cases. As a result, many Chinese health centers are already on the edge of their capacities and are struggling with the increasing shortage of important medical equipment.

In order to protect its employees in accordance with the WHO recommendations for avoiding mass events, Arland has therefore decided not to attend ICE London this year. At the same time, the fight against the spread of the virus will be supported with Arland’s budget for the attendance of the event, which will instead be used for aid purposes.

Among other things, Arland will continue to use the amount available to finance the full education of a doctor in Bangladesh with a scholarship, in order to support the health system not only in the current emergency, but also in the future.

You can of course reach us directly via and we are available for Skype conferences at any time.

Felipe Andrade da Silva

CEO Arland Technologies

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