ARLAND saves its customers money

Due to several requests if Arland will be exhibiting at EiG Berlin 2017, CEO Hartmut Weber issued the following statement.

“During the last 20 years, Arland was present with its own stand at more than 60 international exhibitions, events and conferences.

Each time requires a considerable amount of effort and comes with certain costs. Stands, flights, hotels. Even the smallest conference costs money – money that in the end our customers will have to pay.

Considering the much to frequent exhibitions, conferences and gaming shows one could almost visit a different event every other week. Yet organisers are pushing for more and more to maximize earnings.

The result are trade shows at weird locations with partially empty halls. Often that’s a plain waste of money, since interested parties are contacting us anyway and talks about projects and other topics are much more pleasant and productive when they’re not taking place in an exhibition environment.

To more effectively save our customers money in the future, Arland pursues a radical way and will not participate an any of those conferences anymore.
That’s why Arland will not be present at this year’s EiG in Berlin (which will be held in this form for the last time anyway) or any other local, national events.

In the future Arland will only exhibit or participate at international events, where the entire industry comes together – like ICE in London or the G2E exhibitions worldwide.

Of course, Arland continues to be available directly, meeting interested parties around the world – electronically around the clock – and saving its customers valuable time and money!

We think that this is in your best interest. “

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