ARLAND TECHNOLOGIES – prepared for the German gambling concession

From next year on, the federal states of Germany want to regulate the legal basis for sports betting. According to the joint draft of the new State Treaty on Gambling, private companies will be allowed to legally offer online and offline sports betting in Germany, provided that they operate under state license. With its new software Bookmaker NEXT®, ARLAND is well prepared for the upcoming change.

After thorough examination of the available documents from Darmstadt for the licensing of the German gambling concession (GlüSTV), the ARLAND Group can report that its software Bookmaker NEXT® fulfills all technical and operational regulations and requirements for the license, including the QWASP Top Ten.

ARLAND’scutting-edge BM NEXT software, developed as an open platform, continues to remain an ideal product for the German market, offering state-of-the-art solutions in terms of technology and marketing. Providing full customization of interfaces and capabilities in the front-end, as well as the most straightforward integration of third-party content through the BM NEXT API, providers have every opportunity to tailor their products to their individual marketing needs. This will be essential after the upcoming regulation in Germany, also with regard to the marketing plan to be submitted to the authority.

For its customers, ARLAND not only facilitates licensing through the already fulfilled criteria, but also offers the opportunity to accompany them during the licensing process or to individually consult them on this matter.

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