Bookmaker NEXT®

In creating our new software, we have combined the best of traditional sports book services and paired it with the most engaging experience and modern marketing possibilities.

The result ist a platform with possibilities that leave endless room for creativity and individuality.

Be a part of the revolution.


BM NEXT’s intelligent system architecture with a modular approach enables cost-efficient setups to cover all the present and future needs of a gaming business of any size.


BM NEXT’s high flexibility provides the greatest adaptability for a multi-market approach, offering the ideal solution for any compliance requirements as well as any target market.


Open source frontends combined with an extensive set of APIs provide endless opportunities of customisation to create the best user experience for your brand.

A new standard for the gaming industry.​


A single wallet and a single login across all channels, including online, mobile and retail, allows us to provide the highest usability for our players.

High-end performance

Our high-performance software architecture combined with intelligent infrastructure ensure the seamless processing of large data volumes.

Easy management

Our straightforward backend provides all tools for customer/business management and marketing, making running your own gaming operation easier than ever before.

Full customisation

The high flexibility of our platform sets no bounds to your creativity. A wide range of customisation tools allows you to create YOUR version of entertainment.

Online, mobile & retail.

  • Unified Odds Feed
  • eSports betting
  • Managed Trading Services
  • Virtual Sports betting
  • Live streaming
  • Betting stimulation widgets
  • Odds display system
  • Pre-paid tickets

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