The growing market of eSports gambling

The eSports market has boomed in recent years with more and more viewers tuning in to watch their favorite games being played by some of the best gamers in the world. By 2022, there are expected to be almost 300 million frequent viewers of eSports worldwide, a vast increase from the 58 million in 2012. Additionally, some 347 million people are forecast to be occasional viewers of eSports by 2022. The potential of this relatively new market should not be underestimated, especially with regard to online sports betting.

Only one example for the huge popularity of eSports is the ESL One in Germany, with 20,000 sold tickets and over 25 Mio. viewers online. Despite these numbers, Europe only ranks second based on frequent eSports viewer share in 2019. According to the estimates, over half of the world’s frequent eSports viewers and enthusiasts can be found in Asia Pacific, of which 61% are currently under the age of 35.

This ever growing market also holds incredible potential when it comes to eSportsbook betting, which generally falls into two main categories: cash betting and skin betting (“skins” being virtual items that can be used within video games, usually for cosmetic purposes). Players trade skins via betting sites and use them as virtual casino tokens. While skin betting has been the most popular of the two, recent controversies and legal challenges have put downward pressure on the skin betting market, paving the way for cash betting to emerge.

The amounts wagered worldwide on eSports betting are steadily growing, starting from 315 million U.S. dollars back in 2015 to 7 billion in 2018, wich is estimated to double by 2020. The base projection for the amount of customers placing esports wagers in 2020 is 6.5 Million.

When its comes to the games themselves, the most popular eSports game on the gambling market was League of Legends, as approximately 38 percent of the total eSportsbook amount wagered was attributed to bets placed on LoL. This is followed by Counter-Strike : Global Offernsive (CS:GO), with 29 percent of the betting volume (2016).

As the rapidly growing phenomenon surrounding eSports continues to gather steam, the intersection of gaming and sports offers an innovative wave of branding opportunities, engaging content and activations for millions across the world. In this context, one of the most significant challenges will be legislation. Since it is an emerging industry, many jurisdictions lack clear rules to regulate the eSports gambling sector, especially in the case of player age verification and skin gambling.

An upcoming trend for the gaming industry will also be presenting the players with an eSportsbook offer that differs from traditional sportsbooks. As this new player demographic cannot be compared to traditional sports bettors, new concepts have to be developed to cater to the requirements of eSports betting.

The sportsbook offer of ARLAND’s new software, Bookmaker NEXT, already supports a number of eSports, such as Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike. In the near future, ARLAND will also be working on new sportsbook concepts, dedicated to eSports fans.

ARLAND TECHNOLOGIES – prepared for the German gambling concession

From next year on, the federal states of Germany want to regulate the legal basis for sports betting. According to the joint draft of the new State Treaty on Gambling, private companies will be allowed to legally offer online and offline sports betting in Germany, provided that they operate under state license. With its new software Bookmaker NEXT®, ARLAND is well prepared for the upcoming change.

After thorough examination of the available documents from Darmstadt for the licensing of the German gambling concession (GlüSTV), the ARLAND Group can report that its software Bookmaker NEXT® fulfills all technical and operational regulations and requirements for the license, including the QWASP Top Ten.

ARLAND’scutting-edge BM NEXT software, developed as an open platform, continues to remain an ideal product for the German market, offering state-of-the-art solutions in terms of technology and marketing. Providing full customization of interfaces and capabilities in the front-end, as well as the most straightforward integration of third-party content through the BM NEXT API, providers have every opportunity to tailor their products to their individual marketing needs. This will be essential after the upcoming regulation in Germany, also with regard to the marketing plan to be submitted to the authority.

For its customers, ARLAND not only facilitates licensing through the already fulfilled criteria, but also offers the opportunity to accompany them during the licensing process or to individually consult them on this matter.

EvolutionGaming new partner of ARLAND

In its new Bookmaker NEXT software, ARLAND has created the base for the fastest and easiest integration of third-party content with a revolutionary approach. Thanks to the innovative technology, the live casino provider EvolutionGaming has now been added to the offer of the platform as the most recent partner of ARLAND.

With the development of its new omni-channel sports betting platform (NEXT), which replaces the former software Bookmaker 5, ARLAND has taken a new direction in the sports betting industry, which represents a further development of well-known strategies and realises fresh ideas. The new platform focuses on adaptability and flexibility and is optimised for maximum efficiency.

With NEXT, ARLAND combines strongest performance in compliance with regulatory standards to a unique and holistic experience for players on the internet, on mobile devices or in shops. At that, ARLAND pursues a revolutionary approach by publishing its front-ends (website, mobile web app and terminals) as open-source. These open interfaces allow the simple and above all fast connection of third-party content and services using the API-based integration layer, as confirmed by the integration of EvolutionGaming. Above all, this optimised system technology also gives partners and customers the opportunity to develop their own products directly against ARLAND’s API and thus achieve an even more efficient integration.

Combined with the highest customisability of the front-ends, this approach creates one of the most powerful and flexible sports betting platforms in the market today. With its comprehensive sports betting service and its smart infrastructure, ARLAND opens up possibilities for an unprecedented connection of providers, companies and end customers via one platform, creating space for unprecedented marketing channels.

Whether it’s launching a new operation or expanding existing businesses, Bookmaker NEXT provides the most efficient technology and business solution for any requirement. One example of this is the ability for companies to mobilise their existing databases and create new revenue streams by allowing existing users to place bets on a fully customised betting platform. Such and other marketing solutions are supported by innovative business models that are limited only by the boundaries of creativity.

Bookmaker NEXT: The quiet revolution

For decades, the renowned Bookmaker platform by ARLAND stands for stability and reliability. With the new version called “Bookmaker NEXT”, a storm approaches, that will bring a breath of fresh air into the gaming industry.

Worldwide, sports betting shops, risk managers and gaming companies rely on Bookmaker5 by ARLAND. Since its launch in 2004, the Omni-Channel platform stands for security, stability and performance. Although the software was continuously enhanced since its rollout, first signs of its age are starting to show.

This is hard to avoid. Not only did the available technology change over the last 15 years, but also the fundamental way how software is designed and developed.

ARLAND decided, to start the successor to Bookmaker5 from scratch, to create a platform based on cutting-edge technology, utilizing the power of Web 3.0, Big Data and Open Source. Simultaneously, ARLAND pulls from its rich experience of 22 years and dozens of highly qualified developers and engineers. The result is often called “a quiet revolution”.

Bookmaker NEXT is the most powerful and flexible gaming platform ARLAND has ever created. Designed for performance and scalability, Bookmaker NEXT easily surpasses its predecessor and complements its functionality in multiple key areas.

During development, a lot of thought went into creating an intuitive and approachable user experience. Bookmaker NEXT looks clean, reasonably compiles related functions and guides the user through its clearly structured workflows.

Industry insiders, who were allowed a first glimpse on the new platform during ICE 2018, were impressed. Even in its Beta-Phase, Bookmaker NEXT managed to receive the coveted Gold Certification by Betradar.

With Bookmaker NEXT, ARLAND impressively shows the incredible potential and expertise the Austrian company is capable of. Even today, the new gaming platform raises the bar and is on its way to become a new Benchmark for the entire industry.

Belgium: VAT for online gambling overturned

The controversial taxation of online gambling in Belgium has been overturned. This makes the country interesting for operators again.

On the 1st of August 2016, an amendment was passed, that nullified the VAT exemption for online gambling with a Belgian license. Operators suddenly faced an additional tax of 21 percent. This controversial regulation has now been overturned.

The Belgian constitutional court countermanded the law and thereby made for an equality of opportunity on the Belgian market. The massive taxation penalised licensed operator, who had to overcome a drastic increase in costs. The ones profiting from this situation were unlicensed operators as well as lotteries. The latter remained excluded from the taxation, which resulted in a distortion of competition. This was not only the opinion of those affected, but also of the Walloon government.

The constitutional court’s decision to restore the VAT exemption was welcomed by gambling operators. This step makes Belgium more interesting again as a business location for legitimate operators.

ARLAND: Compliance is king

Operating a gaming business comes with several challenges and legal requirements. ARLAND supports its customers and partners in fulfilling extensive compliance regulations.

Operators who offer sports betting and gaming are responsible for their players. That’s why issues like player protection, addiction prevention and reliable handling of payments are especially significant. The fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and betting fraud also adds to creating a secure foundation for providing players with an entertaining experience.

To ensure a uniform approach, various countries issue an abundance of compliance regulations. This mandatory code of conduct must be followed continuously, if a company wants to get a license in the respective country.

Compliance rules are not meant as a harassment by the issuing authority. Instead, the legislative authority creates a clear and unambiguous basis for the operator’s daily business. So, these regulations protect the company as well as the player.

For ALRAND – as a technology partner and platform developer – compliance specifications pose a special challenge. Since different jurisdictions have different demands, a gaming platform must provide for all contingencies.

This not only shows through a multitude of compliance options within the software, but also regular audits by the respective authorities. Next to these compliance checks, a complete chance management protocol must be maintained, which contains all changes within the software.

ARLAND works closely with national government agencies and certifying bodies like Gaming Labs International (GLI), so gaming operators can rest assured, that their platform meets all legal requirements.

In some cases, ARLAND supports authorities in formulating and adapting their compliance rules, so that the requirements align realistically with the daily business of the platform operator.

Through this close collaboration, ARLAND gained an excellent reputation over the years and is known as a guarantor for compliance security. A win-win situation for authorities, operators and players alike.

German licensing: A light at the end of the tunnel?

The odyssey around German sports betting and gambling licenses has long since turned into a never-ending story. Does the recent approach of the Hessian state represent a silver lining on the horizon?

Since the procedure of granting 20 sports betting licenses by the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports failed after a wave of lawsuits, there is still ambiguity for gaming companies in Germany. The only sure thing is, that the German state treaty on gambling still violates EU law and that the political tug-of-war leaves operators without long-term legal certainty.

Now, Hesse seems to be fed up. The coalition treaty of the Hessian state government (made up of the CDU and the Green party) contains a section that explicitly militates against the state treaty on gambling and demands the regulation of gambling in accordance with EU law.

Furthermore, an ultimatum is issued: If there is no satisfactory regulation by the end of 2019, Hesse will follow the example of Schleswig-Holstein and resign from the state treaty of gambling.

The timing is just right, since Germany is already put on the spot. The 5th EU regulation on money laundering that came into effect in June still has to be implemented into national law. This is necessary for an EU-wide fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. Since these issues play an important role for the gaming industry as well, this situation could be an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

It remains to be seen if the Hessian ultimatum generates enough political pressure to force a decision. A fast solution to the licensing chaos would be in the interest of operators and players alike.

ARLAND at ICE London 2019

ICE London is one of the most important exhibitions of the gaming industry. At this years’ show, ARLAND gives some insight into the options and features of its software platform Bookmaker NEXT.

For 22 years, ARLAND is an integral part of the gaming industry. For ARLAND, ICE London rings in a period of renewal. Because in 2019, the group of companies takes off with their brand-new sports betting & gaming platform Bookmaker NEXT.

So far, only a selected circle of industry insiders where granted a sneak peek at Bookmaker NEXT. But now, the gaming platform is presented to general audiences.

Opposed to most isolated applications in the sports betting industry, Bookmaker NEXT is an open platform with 360° API and a maximum of flexibility. This enables betting companies to realize every degree of diversification by themselves to quickly set them apart from the competition.

Managing Director Felipe Andrade is especially proud of ARLANDs new product:

“We developed Bookmaker NEXT from scratch, based on cutting-edge technology and infused it with all the experience we where able to gather over the past two decades.

Bookmaker NEXT raises the bar when it comes to flexibility and performance, while being more intuitive and approachable at the same time.”

The feedback so far validates this assessment. While still being in development, Bookmaker NEXT managed to receive the coveted Gold Certification from Betradar.

Because of its flexibility, the platform is aimed at an especially broad audience – Whether its individual betting shops, native online businesses or enterprises with a complex company structure.

Its open architecture and extensive set of interfaces makes Bookmaker NEXT ideal for connecting to third party systems. E.g. this enables casino providers to expand their offer by implementing sports betting with Bookmaker NEXT.

ARLAND shows Bookmaker NEXT from 5.-7. February 2019 at ICE London, ExCeL on their stand S9-255 and is available for Meetings with customers, partners and interested parties.


About Arland
The Arland Group of Companies is a strategic partner for the sports betting industry with 21 years of experience out of over 100 international projects. With their renowned Bookmaker software platform, Arland has gained a reputation as one of the leading independent providers of sports betting and gaming solutions for retail, mobile and online business. Furthermore Arland is a Gold Certified Partner of Betradar, the world’s leading provider of sports related data and services.

More information on Arland can be found on their website at or by mail to [email protected]

Arland got its eyes on the USA

The US-Supreme Court allows sports betting in the USA. And Arland is ready…

At the beginning of last week, the Supreme Court as the highest court of law lifted the ban on sports betting in the USA. From now on, the federal states can pass their own laws for the regulation and legalization of sports betting.

Arland is ready to meet the requirements of the American market with its Bookmaker platform! This includes first and foremost three key factors:

American odds
Sports betting looks different in the US. This becomes especially apparent when displaying odds.

While in Europe a decimal odd is multiplied with the stake, in the USA odds like “+300” or “-175” are commonplace. If the prefix is positive, the value states the net gain with a stake of 100 dollars. “+300” means, that the player gets a payout of 300 dollars with a stake of 100 dollars.

If the prefix of the odd is negative, the value shows how high the stake must be to win 100 Dollars. “-175” means that one needs to place 175 dollars to win 100 dollars.

Bet slip
Not only the odds look differently in the USA, but also the bet slip. Here one can find special bet types like “Round Robin”, “Reverse Bet” or “Parlay”. It’s necessary to correspond to the customs of the American sports betting audience, if you want to be successful in the USA.

Betting offer with American Sports
What would America be without Baseball, Football and Basketball? American Sports are essential to stand a chance in in the US market. This includes not only the big leagues like the NFL, NBA and others, but also College Football for example.

Arland cooperates with the leading data providers and is Gold-certified partner of Betradar to fulfill all the wishes of the American sports fans.

To realize this on a technical level, you require a flexible platform based on cutting-edge technology as well as a dedicated, experienced Team.

Arland Gaming Solutions offers that – and much more! This makes us the perfect technological partner for the American sports betting market!

Arland: Special Turnkey offer for the Soccer World Championship 2018

On occasion of the impending start of the Soccer World Championship 2018, Arland launches a special offer for its online platform. For a short time, their Managed Turnkey Solution is available at an exceptional price.

In about two months the Soccer World Championship will start. As usual with the media buzz surrounding these high-profile events, sports betting is getting a bigger focus.

This is the ideal moment to get into the betting business yourself! And with 21 years of experience in the sports betting and gaming industry, ARLAND is the perfect operative solution partner!

Get started now with your own Managed Turnkey Solution.

Arland’s Turnkey Solution includes:
• Your own online platform with your logo and your colours
• Sports and live betting with top odds
• Complete odds and risk management (based on a data feed by Betradar)
• Casino games by Tom Horn Enterprise and Booming Games (opt.)
• Virtual games by Betradar (opt.)
• Real Games by Golden Race (opt.)
• Customizable layout with Content Management System
• Mobile web-app for sports and live betting on the go (iOS, Android)Order your Managed Turnkey Solution until the 14th of May 2018 to get a special discount of 20% on the setup costs.

A demo of Arlands Turnkey Solution is available at
If needed Arland gladly supports you in applying for an international gaming license.

Benefit from this special offer to get your own online platform up and running.
For orders or additional information contact Arland today by mail to [email protected].