The Bookmaker NEXT source code – a new approach for the sports betting industry

Sports betting has fully arrived in modern digitalization – this does not mean the technical implementation of a betting company, but rather the need for diversification and marketing of one’s own offer in the modern digital world. Providers have to be able to adapt to rapidly changing trends more than ever; it is no longer enough to simply start a sports betting platform to make money. Marketing, gamification and flexibility is the future of sports betting.

To this end, ARLAND TECHNOLOGIES has created a brand new sports betting platform in the past 4 years: BM NEXT.

With experience from over 170 projects in the past 23 years and careful observation of the rapidly changing digital world, as well as intensive discussions with our customers and partners, the new platform is well equipped for all future requirements.

By removing isolated solutions that have shaped our industry for decades and developing them into a completely open and powerful, scalable platform, BM NEXT enables providers to implement and diversify in any form – be it through their own employees or 3rd party developers.

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A business model for every requirement – from startups to large international bookmakers

Around the new BM NEXT platform, we have not only thought intensively about the most modern open technologies, but also about the requirements of the management of sports betting companies.

Entry into the industry must be very simple and quick in terms of costs, technology and operations – new companies must primarily deal with marketing and must be able to implement quick opportunities for diversification. All of this of course also from a legal point of view – keyword “compliance”.

With our BM NEXT TURNKEY SOLUTIONS, we have created a cost-effective option for beginners and startups. Fast adaptation to the desired design, perfect risk management via BETRADAR MTS and the support of ARLAND TECHNOLOGIES enable startups to fully focus on marketing strategies – because this is the only way to achieve real growth. We take care of the rest of the operation together with our partners.

With growing business and experience in the sports betting industry – but also due to legal requirements – a complete BM NEX SYSTEM PLATFORM can be useful. Installed on your servers in a data center of your choice (on premise) or hosted in our ARLAND CLOUD, you have an entire BM NEXT system for your free use, design and adaptation. Full access to the BM NEXT API enables your developers (including 3rd party developers) to quickly implement all their own ideas for customer products with the BM NEXT system platform – be it mobile, websites, terminals or other solutions. Full access, full flexibility, full sales growth: ideal for growing betting companies.

For many responsible managers the question of own software in-house often arises with planned strong growth through optimal marketing. All leading bookmakers have ultimately created their own technological platform. Among other things, the dependency on a software company is no longer given – an important topic also in the area of ​​investors. However, since the development of your own software platform requires years of development (> 4 years) and a suitable team of senior software developers, we offer our customers the possibility of a SOURCECODE OPTION.

This SOURCECODE OPTION gives management significant advantages:

– Securing the SOURCECODE of BM NEXT -> You have the right to buy the SOURCECODE at all times within the optional period (compulsory 3 years with an extension) at its current status.

– Low capital investment when purchasing the option with full deduction from the purchase price.

– Software security at all times with regard to investors.

When you reach the point of becoming a big betting company due to your great business development, or if you are planning for an exit or IPO, for example – or because you just built a great team of developers – you can purchase the full BM NEXT source code. The costs for this are significantly lower than the costs of your own development. Of course, ARLAND TECHNOLOGIES will support you in the migration process – with training, assistance and training at fair hourly rates. We are happy for you if you have followed this successful path and can also provide you with consulting, if necessary.

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Arland invests ICE-London budget in the fight against Coronavirus

In the light of the increasing numbers of coronavirus infections, which have caused the WHO to declare a global emergency, Arland is not visiting ICE London this year and is instead supporting the fight against 2019-nCov.

With the announcement of the global emergency by the WHO (PHEIC), to curb the spread of the coronavirus across borders, after all provinces of China are now suffering from infections and Europe has already recorded multiple cases. As a result, many Chinese health centers are already on the edge of their capacities and are struggling with the increasing shortage of important medical equipment.

In order to protect its employees in accordance with the WHO recommendations for avoiding mass events, Arland has therefore decided not to attend ICE London this year. At the same time, the fight against the spread of the virus will be supported with Arland’s budget for the attendance of the event, which will instead be used for aid purposes.

Among other things, Arland will continue to use the amount available to finance the full education of a doctor in Bangladesh with a scholarship, in order to support the health system not only in the current emergency, but also in the future.

You can of course reach us directly via and we are available for Skype conferences at any time.

Felipe Andrade da Silva

CEO Arland Technologies