Bookmaker NEXT: The quiet revolution

For decades, the renowned Bookmaker platform by ARLAND stands for stability and reliability. With the new version called “Bookmaker NEXT”, a storm approaches, that will bring a breath of fresh air into the gaming industry.

Worldwide, sports betting shops, risk managers and gaming companies rely on Bookmaker5 by ARLAND. Since its launch in 2004, the Omni-Channel platform stands for security, stability and performance. Although the software was continuously enhanced since its rollout, first signs of its age are starting to show.

This is hard to avoid. Not only did the available technology change over the last 15 years, but also the fundamental way how software is designed and developed.

ARLAND decided, to start the successor to Bookmaker5 from scratch, to create a platform based on cutting-edge technology, utilizing the power of Web 3.0, Big Data and Open Source. Simultaneously, ARLAND pulls from its rich experience of 22 years and dozens of highly qualified developers and engineers. The result is often called “a quiet revolution”.

Bookmaker NEXT is the most powerful and flexible gaming platform ARLAND has ever created. Designed for performance and scalability, Bookmaker NEXT easily surpasses its predecessor and complements its functionality in multiple key areas.

During development, a lot of thought went into creating an intuitive and approachable user experience. Bookmaker NEXT looks clean, reasonably compiles related functions and guides the user through its clearly structured workflows.

Industry insiders, who were allowed a first glimpse on the new platform during ICE 2018, were impressed. Even in its Beta-Phase, Bookmaker NEXT managed to receive the coveted Gold Certification by Betradar.

With Bookmaker NEXT, ARLAND impressively shows the incredible potential and expertise the Austrian company is capable of. Even today, the new gaming platform raises the bar and is on its way to become a new Benchmark for the entire industry.

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