EvolutionGaming new partner of ARLAND

In its new Bookmaker NEXT software, ARLAND has created the base for the fastest and easiest integration of third-party content with a revolutionary approach. Thanks to the innovative technology, the live casino provider EvolutionGaming has now been added to the offer of the platform as the most recent partner of ARLAND.

With the development of its new omni-channel sports betting platform (NEXT), which replaces the former software Bookmaker 5, ARLAND has taken a new direction in the sports betting industry, which represents a further development of well-known strategies and realises fresh ideas. The new platform focuses on adaptability and flexibility and is optimised for maximum efficiency.

With NEXT, ARLAND combines strongest performance in compliance with regulatory standards to a unique and holistic experience for players on the internet, on mobile devices or in shops. At that, ARLAND pursues a revolutionary approach by publishing its front-ends (website, mobile web app and terminals) as open-source. These open interfaces allow the simple and above all fast connection of third-party content and services using the API-based integration layer, as confirmed by the integration of EvolutionGaming. Above all, this optimised system technology also gives partners and customers the opportunity to develop their own products directly against ARLAND’s API and thus achieve an even more efficient integration.

Combined with the highest customisability of the front-ends, this approach creates one of the most powerful and flexible sports betting platforms in the market today. With its comprehensive sports betting service and its smart infrastructure, ARLAND opens up possibilities for an unprecedented connection of providers, companies and end customers via one platform, creating space for unprecedented marketing channels.

Whether it’s launching a new operation or expanding existing businesses, Bookmaker NEXT provides the most efficient technology and business solution for any requirement. One example of this is the ability for companies to mobilise their existing databases and create new revenue streams by allowing existing users to place bets on a fully customised betting platform. Such and other marketing solutions are supported by innovative business models that are limited only by the boundaries of creativity.

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