Here you can find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions!

- How do I start my sports betting project?

If you already have a plan for your target markets/countries, and the products which you want to offer on your website, you can have a look at our business models to see how we can best support your project: https://www.arland.at/business-models/

We can also consult you on licensing, if you plan on operating in a regulated market.

If you have any questions, contact us at https://www.arland.at/contact/ and tell us more about your project!

- How can I get a sports betting license?

If you wish to obtain a sports betting license for a certain jurisdiction, ARLAND offers technical consulting to guide you through the licensing process!

Just contact us and tell us more about your ideas and requirements: https://www.arland.at/contact/ 

- How can I offer sports betting in Germany?

ARLAND is prepared for the licensing of the German market in January 2020, by fulfilling all the criteria with its software. We can also help you obtain a license by accompanying your business through the licensing process or we can individually consult you on this matter. 

Just contact us to get more information on this matter: https://www.arland.at/contact/ 

- Which is the right business model for my operation?

The fit of a business model depends on the requirements of your project, especially with regard to the services that you need to run your operation.

You can find a guide through our business models, as well as more information about included the products and services here: https://www.arland.at/business-models/

- Is it possible to change the business model later on?

It is possible that after a certain time, your operation has “outgrown” its current business model. When that happens, we will be happy to help you transfer to an option which suits the advanced needs of your business.

- Is there a mobile solution for the betting platform?

As a standard, BM NEXT is offered as a responsive smartweb solution for tablets and mobile phones.

- How long does it take to set up a sports betting website?

The time for the set-up process of a new website depends on the requirements of the project. The standard set-up time including front-end customisation is about 2-3 months. If existing customer databases need to be transferred, this process will take longer. 

- Is it possible to get reports on my business performance, customers, etc.?

BM NEXT’s reporting system allows clients to get detailed insights into all areas which are import for business management, including settlement, turnover, registration, affiliate and customer reports. 

- Who is responsible for legal matters concerning my sports betting site?

The betting operator, i.e. the betting license holder, bears the risk for legal matters of the betting operation, unless otherwise determined.

- Who is the owner of my customers' data?

The ownership of all customer related data belongs to the betting operator, i.e. the license holder.