German license: Reform of the state treaty on gambling

With the agreed upon reform for issuing sports betting licenses in Germany, there’s a silver lining on the horizon for sports betting operators. With this decision, an important hurdle for a nationwide regulation of sports betting has been overcome.

Endurance, Stamina and the will to win. These qualities are not only a necessity for athletes, but for the last years were also demanded from sports betting operators that applied for a German license. Since 2012 this has been a permanent issue in the media and the industry likewise. If one also considers the earlier tug-of-war between EU regulation and the German state treaty on gambling, the issue is boiling since 2006.

Yesterday, the prime ministers of German federal states agreed upon a reform of the state treaty on gambling, that should get the stuck situation moving again and regulate the issuing of licenses.
The most important facts:

• The arbitrary restriction to 20 licenses will be lifted.
• Starting with the 1st of January 2018, all sports betting operators that were in the licensing process and meet the minimum requirements will get a preliminary license.
• The preliminary license will be limited to a year at first.

The industry views this long overdue decision as positive and as a step into the right direction. There must be a regulated market, that allows operators to act and invest with a legal foundation. In such an environment, the politically denunciated grey market will be purged by itself and the respectability of operators is ensured – which also affects the protection of players.

Arland has adapted to the requirements of the German authorities early on. As a technology provider Arland reached the final round of the German licensing procedures with three of its customers, before the process was halted.

The renowned BOOKMAKER platform corresponds to all known regulations of the German government, e.g. the link to a safe-server. The platform is also licensed and operational in Schleswig-Holstein.

„With the opening of the German market, betting operators can finally work on a sound legal basis, dare to make investments into their company and aim for long-term company goals. We’re glad that already today we fulfil all technological requirements of betting operators and the government alike to the fullest! “

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