Bookmaker NEXT is the culmination of ARLAND's 22 years of experience in the betting business. The software is used by operators across the globe to create more relevant connections with their players. Bookmaker NEXT provides a complete set of building blocks to support virtually any business model, including native online or mobile businesses and complex chains of land-based shops.


With an intelligent system architecture, Bookmaker NEXT grows with your business. A modular approach enables cost-efficient setups to cover all the present and future needs of a gaming business. Furthermore, it allows efficient performance monitoring and granular identification of bottlenecks in the system.


If your software is not flexible, you may have several problems with compliance and a multi-market approach. Bookmaker NEXT brings flexibility to its limits – enabling deep customizations to cater to client behaviour and tastes, allowing for quick changes to cover compliance requirements and different technological approaches for each target market.


No more island solution! Bookmaker NEXT is API-first, an open platform with all its standard frontends developed based on an extensive RESTful API. This approach lets you define the best user experience for your brand, not only customizing available frontends but also developing your own channels. You own your brand experience from end to end!

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A unique backend for the management of events, risks, customers (CRM), promotions and all the relevant issues related to the operation of a forward-thinking gaming platform. Bookmaker NEXT Admin provides customized information for each user role, as well as strategic insights to support business decisions. Much more than a tool, the Bookmaker NEXT Admin is the heart of the operation.


Bookmaker NEXT is a flexible platform ready to overcome the challenges of operating across regulated markets around the world. Some important features include fraud management, an extensive and customizable KYC process for each distribution channel, AML & TF tools as well as custom reports to help risk managers to track match-fixing and fraudsters.

Standard Frontend Clients

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Self-service betting terminal T7
  • Compact terminal (touchscreen optimazed)
  • Odds display system (NEXT TV)
  • Till software

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