The core of
your gaming operations.


BM NEXT’s REST API enables the integration of third party content, easier and faster than ever before. It is now also possible to develop new products directly against the API, making it more hassle-free than ever to create new and innovative content.

Extensive business reports

Our reportign system allows you to get extensive reports with personalised insights into all business areas including sports betting, affiliate performance, marketing success, payments, risk & fraud.

Content management system

Our proprietary CMS supports all needs of the gaming industry with a plurality of options for widgets with various functions to allow you to communicate with your customers, visualise marketing campaigns and stimulate betting behaviour.

VIP & affiliate management

BM NEXT’s affiliate management tool helps bringing your partnerships to the next level. Create and analyse marketing programs by using personalised insights into your affiliates' data.

Sports betting

Handle sporting events and risk management to create an offer tailored to individual business requirements and compliant with different jurisdictions.


Use the tools of our bonus and campaign management system to implement various marketing strategies for different customer segments.


Get personalised insights into all important areas of your operation using our extensive set of customisable business, customer and affiliate reports.

Payment gateway

BM NEXT supports the integration of an extensive selection of payment methods, including e-wallets, alternative payment methods as well as local payment solutions.

Alerting tool

Our approach to risk management creates specific alerts for all kinds of action, which require the attention of your risk managers. This allows for much faster handling of possible risks to your operation.

Compliance & KYC

The flexible architecture enables a fast and straight-forward adaption of the system to comply with different regulated markets. Our KYC tools facilitate meeting customer identification requirements.

Responsible gaming

We strive to offer the safest gaming environment for our players. To achieve this goal, BM NEXT is integrated with tools to manage spending and gaming habits in a fair and customised way.